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summer 2015 full kitchen refurbishment

In 2015 we fitted a lot of kitchens! But most of them we just fitted the kitchen that the client had organised. They also had to organise any other trades that where needed throughout the work including plasterers, electricians, plumbers and tilers.


summer/autumn 2015 double patio doors

 Ever wanted double doors onto your patio? Linking your living room or kitchen to the garden throughout the year or just for easier access to the garden well it might be easier than you think even if there is a wall in the way.

In the summer we installed these double doors so the client could have easier access to the garden in her wheel chair but they also help bring the summer into your house during the nicer weather .


Summer/autumn projects 2015 loft hatch

Well the work keeps coming! We had a busy summer and with the next couple of blog posts i am going to upload some of the jobs we have done during the summer, autumn and winter of 2015. In this post i am going to talk about a loft hatch, telescopic ladder and self supporting loft floor.


Built in storage solutions and fitted wardrobes just in time for the spring clean

Spring is here the daffodils are out so that can only mean one thing; time for the big spring clean and a chance to sort out all the stuff from Christmas and find it a home. Here at DJM Carpentry and Building we have a couple of solutions to help you with storage needs and to keep the house nice and tidy.


Our first option is a custom made built in storage solution.


Carports - They may be more useful than you think!

So we are in the middle of winter now the bad weather is here with snow or rain and freezing conditions nearly every day. This makes some tasks very unpleasant even simple ones like getting from the car to the house in heavy rain or unloading shopping in the snow and of course scraping the frost off your car before you can go anywhere. A carport makes these tasks much more pleasant and even gets rid of the days where you have to de-ice your car as well as helping with your cars reliability.


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