Carports - They may be more useful than you think!

By Dan, posted: Sunday 8th February 2015

So we are in the middle of winter now the bad weather is here with snow or rain and freezing conditions nearly every day. This makes some tasks very unpleasant even simple ones like getting from the car to the house in heavy rain or unloading shopping in the snow and of course scraping the frost off your car before you can go anywhere. A carport makes these tasks much more pleasant and even gets rid of the days where you have to de-ice your car as well as helping with your cars reliability.

In autumn last year, we fitted this self-supporting carport to help keep all this cold wet snowy weather off the customers car, helping prevent chassis and body panel rusting and electrical problems caused by water getting in to the cars electrics and freezing. It also provides a nice dry ice, snow and rain free area to unload any shopping or luggage making it much safer and pleasant.

Its self-supporting design means there are no poles or supports for you to catch your car doors on when you open them or to get in the way while trying to get out and making reversing in much easier. The carport looks like it defies gravity floating without supports but they have been engineered to hold up their own weight as well as the weight of any snow that may settle on them. These carports are also really low maintenance with no need to decorate because the structure is made of fibreglass and fully finished in white ideal for anyone who is busy with work or the elderly with no decorating ever needed.

We can make timber versions of these carports as a cheaper alternative but these have timber supports and need decorating with wood care products every few years but do the same job as the fibreglass carports keeping you and your car dry. So with all these benefits what are you waiting for. Get in touch with us for your free quotation by leaving us a message on our contact page.