summer/autumn 2015 double patio doors

By Dan , posted: Wednesday 30th December 2015

 Ever wanted double doors onto your patio? Linking your living room or kitchen to the garden throughout the year or just for easier access to the garden well it might be easier than you think even if there is a wall in the way.

In the summer we installed these double doors so the client could have easier access to the garden in her wheel chair but they also help bring the summer into your house during the nicer weather . Before we started there was just a small window on this wall shown in the photo below. We started by moving the electric feed to their shed out of the way and we moved the air bricks to the side too keeping the required airflow to the downstairs floor we then went onto cut the wall out on each side. Once the window was taken out we installed a steel lintel supporting the brickwork above. After knocking out the remaining wall and touching up any brickwork we fitted the double doors. The doors fitted came with an extra low wheelchair friendly threshold we also made the aluminium ramp to make life easy for the client. All that was left to do was plaster up the inside then the job was done making it easier for the client to make the most of the nice weather.


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