Summer/autumn projects 2015 loft hatch

By Dan , posted: Tuesday 29th December 2015

Well the work keeps coming! We had a busy summer and with the next couple of blog posts i am going to upload some of the jobs we have done during the summer, autumn and winter of 2015. In this post i am going to talk about a loft hatch, telescopic ladder and self supporting loft floor.


So for starters the loft hatch. We had to custom make the loft hatch due to the lack of ceiling and hall space meaning none of the off the shelf loft hatches with the ladder already attached would not fold down properly or even fit in the space we had so we had to make our own to suit the space we had maximizing the opening to allow easy access into the loft area. This also meant we had to get a telescopic ladder as well just to work in the space we had. Once all of that was fitted we installed a self supporting floor in the loft and boarded it with tongue and groove chipboard flooring. Its always important to install a self supporting floor in a loft because its easy to over load the existing ceiling joists which leads to the plaster cracking in the bedroom ceilings below it can also affect the performance of your loft insulation when the floor is laid wrong.  


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